I consider myself very fortunate to do something I enjoy every day. What makes it better is that each day is truly different although framed in a similar manner. Even better yet are the unique people I get to work with, making something special each time.

I've made so many projects with all types of filmmakers, all sorts of talent, all kinds of crew, and a variety of clients.

I have gotten to do all those things in major metropolitan areas and in small towns, both in the United States and abroad.

Sometimes I win awards. Sometimes I go to festivals. Sometimes I travel to amazing places. Sometimes the places are not that amazing. Some spots are on the Super Bowl. Some are on social media. Some times are harder than others. All times I find something to smile and laugh about.

I solve problems. I put together puzzles. I facilitate visions. I learn lots daily. I bring all of that with me each day. There is nothing I'd rather do, whether it be locally in Chicago or Los Angeles, or anywhere else on the planet!

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Budgets: little to lots

Board Member AICP Midwest

Graduate: University of Michigan

Avid reader, pedestrian, and legendary latke and salad chef